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Since the establishment date 1997 KONTEK has been an engineering company making the design, production, and assembling of machine and conveyor systems. Here is available to make productions of chained, printout, band, telescopic, flexible conveyors, and assembling lines, robots for parceling, establishments of workshops, and hydraulic platforms and turning factory over ready to a turnkey. The customer’s portfolio of KONTEK contains various of different sectors needing the transportation systems for materials.

KONTEK is responsible for the Distribution for the Swedish Company TAWI making the production of carrying and lifting aimed vacuum and chargeable systems. The Quality is having priority for KONTEK. And it has an appreciably effective improvement on the quality management system and follows the new technologies accordingly. High quality production, fair rate, delivery on time, and customer satisfaction is the frame of references for our company.

KONTEK is a global company marketing the productions in worldwide. Additionally it has a great rate in the domestic market; it has a direct market power in the outward trade area of France, Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, and England as well. The products have been sent via commission house to Australian, Germany, Uzbekistan, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Chili, Syria, and Lebanon.

KONTEK has a active staff and a dynamic structure grooving day by day. For that reason new persons are continuously added on the current staff consisting of 45 experienced engineers and members.

That our systems are developed by our own designers in KONTEK is possible to create designs of various conveyors being appropriate to demands of customer. Our designers design the conveyors needing replacement parts a minimum rate. Necessary equipments are advised to get a perfect material flow and high productivity by our engineering staff. The products are produced in the suitable machines by the staff in experience and our quality is known in Turkey and across many other countries.

Produced conveyor systems are assembled according to size of system on site and delivered in operating conditions. Necessary electronically hardware of system is planned and produced taking care of customer requests. In our conveyor systems you have the free service opportunity over period of warranty for 2 years. Wherever you are around Turkey, every kind of service opportunity is supported for conditions excluding conditions on warranty of contract as soon as possible.



Assembly and Production Systems

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